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The Abduction of Ganymede

Vivienne Binns, Patrizia Biondi, Katherine Botten, Mike Brown, Dord Burrough, Caeylen Fenelon-Norris, Neil Fettling, Saskia Leek, Tully Moore, Callum Morton, Oscar Perry, Kate Smith, Jenny Watson

Callum Morton and Jenny Watson are represented by Anna Schwartz Gallery.

Vivienne Binns and Kate Smith are represented by Sutton Gallery.
Mike Brown is represented by Charles Nodrum Gallery.
Dord Burrough is represented by Lon Gallery.

Saskia Leek is represented by Darren Knight Gallery.

Oscar Perry is represented by The Commercial Gallery.

Jenny Watson, Wild, White Horse, 1993, oil and acrylic on Chinese velvet with white horse tail; acrylic on prepared text panel

Jenny Watson, Wild, White Horse (detail)

Mike Brown A sort of horse, c. 1971, acrylic and horse hair on polystyrene

Vivienne Binns Figures in Scape, 2016 acrylic, paper and CD on board

Katherine Botten Rothko (Cinema Nova), 2018-2019 acrylic and oil on canvas, superglue, Ikea pillowcase

Callum Morton Cover Up #23, 2021, ureol, wood, synthetic polymer paint

Oscar Perry Monitor (fax), 2023, Acrylic on Canvas Assembly

Patrizia Biondi Vitalize Green Dunamis, 2023, timber, cardboard, paint

Tully Moore Colcannon, 2023, oil and clay on board, hessian potato sacks, digital print on fabric, butter wrappers, cream and mixed kitchen utensils

Caeylen Fenelon-Norris Organisational Experiment, Thursday, 02/05/23, 08:27 pm, 2023, steel, UV printed silk, ink, galkyd, oil and acrylic,

Saskia Leek Untitled, 2016, oil and gesso on aluminium board

Kate Smith Factory for one 1, 2020–2021, plaster, foam, wood, scourer, styrofoam, plastic and acrylic paint

Dord Burroughs Ultrablue, 2023, clay, plaster, oil on board

Neil Fettling Net, 2022, oil on linen with mixed media

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