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Then Sharply Turns

Britt d’Argaville, Tarquin Charlesworth, Jemi Gale, Jasper Jordan-Lang,
Lei Lei Kung, Chris Madden, Kari Lee, McInneny-McRae, Tommaso Nervegna-Reed, Melissa Nguyen, Angela Nolan, Bronte Stolz & Yusi Zang

Gallery 2 installation view

Tommaso Nervegna-Reed Untitled, 2023 enamel, staples and inkjet on canvas

Tarquin Charlesworth Channel (Stay Alive), 2023 mixed media

Yusi Zang Do You Need to Be Stronger to Be Weaker, 2023 oil on canvas

Bronte Stolz horrors of solidity, 2023 soap

Lei Lei Kung Untitled (The Bad Glazier, Stu Watson translation), 2023 oil and modelling paste on canvas

Kari Lee McInneny-McRae two toey, this is not a love poem,2023 pencil on paper, wasabi peas, hydrostone, acrylic paint, steel, nail polish, sterling silver

Angela Nolan Silvertop, 2023 ink on canvas, muslin, wooden stretcher frame

Melissa Nguyen Spirited, Striking, Successful, Stylish, Sexy, Strong and Seven, 2023 oil on canvas

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